Are you looking to re-home a bird?

Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park provides homes for all species of parrots that are no longer wanted or are unable to be cared for. Here are some reasons why the birds come to our park:

Birds can easily outlive a human companion. In many cases, a relative has passed away leaving behind their feathered friend and other family members either do not have the time or the funds to take care of their relative’s pets.

Sometimes a military family will be deployed overseas and due to customs regulations, cannot take their feathered family member with them.

People’s lives change. Their job may become more demanding. They get married. They have children.  They don’t want the child to hurt the bird and vice versa. Single birds bond to their human companions like glue. Sometimes a bird becomes protective of their “favorite person” and will defend that person. This can create rifts within the family. In some of these cases, the best decision may be to find the feathered companion a new home.

In some cases, people do not realize that owning a parrot is like owning a two-year old child for 20-100 years of your life! They need love, shelter, and companionship; whether it is from other birds or human interaction. They are not domesticated like cats and dogs. Due to these issues, some people are unable to continue to care for their bird and are looking for a place that will provide for their bird’s needs.

Please don’t ever release your bird into the wild! They are dependent on people for shelter and food and would not survive! We are here to help you!

Unfortunately, the park can not take in injured birds until they have been treated by veterinarian.  Due to the high costs, the park does not have the funds to treat the birds prior to surrender.

For more information, contact Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park here.